As a highly reputable vending machine supplier working on a national basis, T-Vend boasts an exceptionally high level of customer service. With years of experience working alongside various different industries in multiple sectors, we aim to create personalised vending machines tailored to every business requirement.

With the option for both self-managed or fully managed vending machines, T-Vend provides peace of mind and ongoing support to customers. Those who opt for a self-managed machine can enjoy flexibility with stock and will have full control over the product choice and replenishment of their machine. While T-Vend will still offer advice, recommendations, installation and delivery free of charge, the client will have to make all other arrangements independantly. On the other hand, for companies in high-paced industries with little free time, our fully managed machines would the ideal ‘all in one’ solution. Not only will members of our expert team assess your space to ensure that the perfect machine is installed, but will also take care of all delivery and replenishment of stock. Through utilising the latest, innovative technology, our fully managed machines are equipped with a device which notifies us when you are running low on stock, so we can make stock delivery arrangements ahead of time.

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From shopping centres and gyms to offices and educational institutions, T-Vend understands that every industry has different requirements. With this in mind and years of extensive research, we have built an outstanding working relationship with a collection of suppliers who can help us to create a bespoke experience for every customer. Not only do we specialise in food and drink vending machines, but also water dispensers and healthy alternatives. We aim to break the barrier of vending machines only filled with sugary sweet treats and provide healthy, organic options for those who are dedicated to promoting positive lifestyle changes.

Thanks to our ongoing success and achievements throughout the years, T-Vend our proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community and local charities. We believe it is important to use our platform to our advantage, so every three months, our team get together to brainstorm local charities that would benefit from additional support. Once decided, a percentage of every sale is donated to help their worthy cause.

If you are interested in renting or purchasing a vending machine, or alternatively, would like extra information on our services, please feel free to contact T-Vend.