About the Canto Machine

Canto is the most advanced in the technological innovation of hot drink vending machines. Not only can a rich, high-quality Italian taste be achieved in seconds, but the Canto also combines the perfect balance of style and modernisation to create a clean, uncluttered appearance. The design of the machine includes 22 different buttons; all clearly lit using LED lighting, along with a clear pathway enhancing usability.

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Features About Canto Machine

The Canto hot drinks machine most definitely stands out from the crowd, including the following desirable features:

  • Dual Cup device included
  • 24 Volts variable speed mixers
  • Continuous floor to ceiling panels
  • Z4000 coffee unit
  • Up to 3 payment systems
  • 22 LED lit buttons
Canto Drinks Machine

Product Specification


Double Espresso

Cups Capacity

650 – with Dual Cup dispenser 650 + 300. Dual Cup dispenser for diameter: 70-71 + 57.5

User Interface

Numeric or Direct Selections

Number Selection

Up to 22

Number Canisters

From 9 to 10

Number Mixing Bowls

4 or 5

Coffee Brewer

Espresso Z4000. SMALL (6-9 gr ground coffee) – BIG (7-15 gr ground coffee)

Number Boilers



Executive – MDB – BDV


1830 mm


650 mm


760 mm

Depth Open

1320 mm


Approx. 170 kg


230 V

Max Power Consumption

1.830 W


50 Hz

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