About the Eco Encore

The Eco Encore is ideal for those who hope to take a more environmentally friendly approach to install a hot drinks machine on their premises. Using only 100% recycled metal work for the structure, advanced cup sensors to reduce waste and an energy management system, opting to order an Eco Encore is the perfect first step towards becoming ‘kinder to nature’. The hot drinks machine is capable of producing freshly brewed tea with additional canisters suitable for more choices.

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Features About Eco Encore

The Eco Encore boasts minimal energy consumption, making it the most eco-friendly of all hot drinks machines. Take a look at the additional benefits of the Eco Encore:

  • 4-Line LCD instruction display
  • Lockable cashbox
  • Cup sensor and stand for the use of own cup
  • Compatible with payment systems
  • Easy to use button keypad selection
  • Made with 100% recycled materials
Woman Using Hot Drinks Machine

Product Specification

User Interface

Numeric Selections

Drink Options

Fresh Brew Tea

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