About the Snackpoint Duo Large Machine

With easy-to-use touch screen selections and a state of the art design, the Snackpoint Duo (Large) can perfectly complement a plethora of different industry types. Due to the enlarged size of the vending machine and the ability to customise the layout, it is capable of holding a variety of different stock, which is easy to differentiate for customers. T-Vend can guarantee the freshness and safety of all food and drink stocked, thanks to the innovative healthy control features built-in.

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Features About Snackpoint Duo Large Machine

With the option to personalise the Snackpoint Duo (Large) to reflect business branding and rows of LED lighting, the vending machine makes a visually appealing addition to various premise types. Opting to order the Snackpoint Duo (Large) means you can also enjoy the following feature:

  • Near-silent operation, ideal for the workplace
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Strong, vandal-proof cabinet
  • SecureVend included
  • Two temperatures available
  • Up to three pricing options per drum
Woman Using Vending Snack Machine

Product Specification

User Interface

Touch Screen


1830 mm


1060 mm


790 mm


Approx. 340 kg

Max Power Consumption

228 W


50 Hz


230 V


Snacks + 500m Bottles + Cans

Num Trays

Max 6


2 Settings

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