About the Snackpoint Trio Machine

The Snackpoint range has built a high reputation for guaranteed reliability, flexibility and durability; the Trio does not disappoint! Specially designed to remain operator-friendly, the Snackpoint Trio features not only powerful LED lighting, but also lightweight shelving to allow customisation of the layout and quick, simple replenishment. All vending machines are equipped with SecureVend, which means that if the product is not immediately dispensed, the payment will be returned to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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Features About Snackpoint Trio Machine

Using innovative technology, the Snackpoint Trio has been designed to make the process of purchasing, payment and retrieval of items as straightforward as possible. The vending machine holds the following beneficial qualities:

  • LED lit keypad selection
  • Capable of stocking up to 500ml bottles
  • Retractable pull-out drums
  • Up to three pricing options per drum
  • Easy configuration
  • Quiet operations ideal for the workplace
Woman Using Vending Snack Machine

Product Specification

User Interface

Numeric Selections


1830 mm


750 mm


790 mm


239 kg

Max Power Consumption

255 W


50 Hz


230 V


Snacks + 500m Bottles + Cans

Num Trays

Max 6


1 or 2 Settings