About the Snakky Machine

Due to the carefully designed style, structure and shape of the Snakky vending machine, it is capable of slotting seamlessly into both small and medium-sized locations. The Snakky features the perfect capacity to size ratio making it more than capable of holding snacks, cans and bottles; all of which are tailored to your requirements. Customer usability is enhanced in this innovative vending machine thanks to the numeric membrane keypad, large glass door and additional lighting.

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Features About Snakky Machine

Thanks to the size and capacity of the Snakky vending machine, all stock can be customised to stock the most popular items with ease. Take a look at just some of the additional features of the Snakky:

  • Spiral layout
  • Up to 3 payment systems available
  • Reduced dimensions and small footprint
  • Rounded user interface area
  • Numeric membrane keypad
  • Can be paired with the Melodia
Snakky Vending Machine Products

Product Specification

User Interface

Numeric selections (4 direct selections as option)

Number Selection

Up to 36


Executive – MDB – BDV


1700 mm


700 mm


853 mm

Depth Open

1335 mm


Approx. 190 kg


230 V

Max Power Consumption

345 W


50 Hz


Tutto snacks / Snacks + Cans & Bottles

Num Trays

Max 6


Uniform: between 7° and 9° C / Stratified: between 7° and 9° C in the lower trays, between 12° and 15° C in the upper trays

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