About the Tango Machine

The Tango vending machine is the most advanced in the smart vending solution industry, utilising a perfectly balanced combination of style and performance. Ideal for large or medium locations, the Tango is designed with a flexible layout, allowing clients to customise the appearance to meet the demands of their most popular stock. With the addition of internal LED lighting, the snack machine can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week with ease.

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Features About Tango Machine

For those hoping to fill their vending machine with a combination of snacks, bottles and fresh food, the Tango is the perfect option. Not only can you enjoy a variety of stock, but also the following features:

  • High-efficiency cooling unit
  • Capacitive or membrane numeric keypad
  • Up to 3 payment systems
  • Electronic Tray Labels system
  • Capable of storing up to 360 products
  • Works with the Opera and Festival Classic
Tango Vending Machine Products

Product Specification

User Interface

Numeric Selections

Number Selection

Up to 44


Executive – MDB


1830 mm


890 mm


793 mm

Depth Open

1495 mm


270 kg


230 V

Max Power Consumption

500 W


50 Hz


Snack + Bottles + Food

Num Trays

Max 6


Food 0°- 4°, Snack 8°-15°

Product Capacity


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