About the W-5 Series Winix Water Dispenser

The W-5 Series Winix has been intricately designed to meet the requirements of those working in the industrial industry or clients trading in public environments. The lightweight water dispenser is equipped with an integrated handle to allow relocation with ease, along with an auto-temperature regulator to ensure that water remains chilled. T-Vend ensures that all water dispensers meet an exceptionally high hygiene standard using a built-in air filter and sanitary protection.

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Features About W-5 Series Winix Water Dispenser

Easily accessible drinking water is a legal requirement for many industries. The W-5 Series Winix is an ideal solution to ensure a constant supply of filtered, fresh and chilled drinking water to visitors, clients, customers and employees. Take a look below at just some of the highly beneficial features of the W-5 Series Winix:

  • Easy to refill cup dispenser capable of holding 50 cups
  • Removable drip tray
  • Solenoid valve operation
  • Mechanical hot water safety lock-out button
  • LLDPE pipes connection
  • Adjustable height
Women Using Water Dispensers

Product Specification

Product Capacity

3.9 L


18 kg


Cold – 4 Degrees Hot – 85 Degrees

Max Power Consumption

Cold – 100 W Hot – 450 W

Cooling System/Brand

Compressor – LG

Refrigerant Type